Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chumchon and Muban Part 2

In an earlier example, I showed one subdistrict municipality where the boroughs (Chumchon, ชุมชน) and the administrative villages (Muban, หมู่บ้าน) coincide one-to-one. Now I have come across another different case, this time it has villages split into several chumchon, thus the local administration is giving the subdistrict more subdivisions than it has in the central administration.

The subdistrict municipality is Phum Riang (เทศบาลตำบลพุมเรียง), which covers the whole same-named subdistrict in the east of Chiaya district, Surat Thani province. The central town is most famous for its silk production.

According to the municipality website, the subdivisions are as follows.
1.บ้านนอกนา1from behind Wat Mai till Muban boundary
2.บ้านกลาง1from front of Wat Mai till Soi Sawang Net
3.บ้านล่าง1from east of Soi Sawang Net till Muban boundary
4.บ้านหัวโอ2from east of Soi Osen Optam till Muban boundary
5.บ้านบ่อเดื่อ2from road next to Wanna shop till old Wat Suan Mokh
6.บ้านเหนือ3complete Muban
7.บ้านเหนือน้ำ4complete Muban
8.บ้านแหลมโพธิ์5from foot of Laem Pho bridge till Kubo boundary
9.บ้านแหลมทราย5from Kubo boundary till Muban boundary
Sadly no map on the website to illustrate these divisions, and I have no other resources to create one myself.

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