Friday, November 13, 2009

Calligraphic letter municipal emblem

Again I noticed an emblem of a local government unit which uses Thai letters distorted so they are hardly anymore recognizable. If you look at the emblem, one needs to use quite some imagination to notice that those two white shapes in top are in fact the Thai letters Ko Kai (ก) and Wo Waen (ว).

The emblem is from the subdistrict municipality Krawan (เทศบาลตำบลกระหวัน), Khun Han district, Sisaket province. However the URL ( still originates from the time before the TAO Krawan was upgraded to a municipality in July 2008. In fact, the colored version of the emblem I found in a PDF linked from the website, and in this the emblem of the TAO is still used. But actually the two version of the emblem only differ in the text in the bordure, which changed from "อบต.กระหวัน" to "เทศบาลตำบลกระหวัน".

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