Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Muban in Nan province

Published in the Royal Gazette on last Friday is the first creation of a new administrative village (Muban) since 2007. Effective September 11, Village 6 Ban Chatsan (บ้านจัดสรร) of Mueang Chang subdistrict, Phu Phiang district, Nan province is split and a new village named Ban Mongkhon Charoen Suk (บ้านมงคลเจริญสุข) with number 11 is created.

Like all the Muban creation announcements, it only contains the demarcation in words but no map. The description states that the new Muban 11 to the east borders Muban 6, so it is the western part which is split off. The website of the Tambon administrative organization has no map of its villages, so I can only approximate the location of the new village. And sadly the high resolution imaginary in Google Earth stop just at around the southern boundary of this new village.

Strangely it is just one single announcement, unlike the previous years when it always were a lot of creations in a row. For example in 2007, each time it were around 30 announcements published in the same day.

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