Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Geocodes for new Bangkok subdistricts

Last week the geocode list from the Department of Provincial Administration was updated to include the nine new subdistricts created in Bangkok in July. The new codes are as follows
102705นวลจันทร์Nuan Chan
102902วงศ์สว่างWong Sawang
103604ดอนเมืองDon Mueang
103605สนามบินSanam Bin
104302รามอินทราRam Intra
104502สะพานสองSaphan Song
104503คลองเจ้าคุณสิงห์Khlong Chai Khun Sing
In those districts where only one new subdistrict was created the new code was of course evident, but funnily also for the other districts they followed the same order which they were originally entered on the Thai Wikipedia.

However, only these subdistrict codes were added - the new codes which will be necessary with the forthcoming creation of Galyani Vadhana district are not yet included. Don't know if they wait till the district is actually created, or it means that the creation will still take some more time.

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