Monday, November 23, 2009

Contradicting Muban name lists

When I noticed the Excel sheets with the names of the administrative villages (Muban), I wrote that those are apparently compiled by DOPA to be checked with the local entities. I am right now slowly working through the TAO to add the URL of their website to my XML, and if they have a Muban list on it add that as well. I presume they should know the names best, yet by an automatic comparison with the DOPA list I noticed there are quite a lot of differences, though mostly minor spelling things.

I now came across one example where I even have four different names for the same Muban - in Tambon Bang Muang (ตำบลบางม่วง), Ban Yai district, Nonthaburi province.
  • In the Royal Gazette announcement on the creation of village 15 in 2004, two villages are mentioned: village 6 as the village to be split is named Ban Bang Som Phatthana (บ้านบางโสนพัฒนา) and the new village 15 is named Ban Bang Som Phatthana 2 (บ้านบางโสนพัฒนา ๒)
  • does only list the 14 villages, so dates from before 2004, and names village number 6 as Ban Bang Som (บ้านบางโสน)
  • The TAO website names village 6 as Ban Bang Som Noi (บ้านบางโสนน้อย) and 15 as Ban Khun Chen (บ้านขุนเจน).
  • And the DOPA XLS sheet has it village 6 as Ban Bang Muang (บ้านบางม่วง) and village 15 as Ban Bang Som Phatthana (บ้านบางโสนพัฒนา)
And it's not just these two villages which have different names in the different sources - while the 2004 Gazette announcement only lists those two villages (and the surrounding ones), another Gazette announcement from 1998 has another version of the names. I have put it into a table for better comparison:
Even those who cannot read Thai can see that only the villages 3, 4, 8, 10, 11 and 14 have the same name in all sources. The many differing names shows the necessity of the creation of a list with the official names, the task for which the DOPA Excel files were created.

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