Sunday, November 15, 2009

New bishop of Udon Thani appointed

Since I covered the other changes in the Catholic church of Thailand, I now also mention the last of the bishops beyond the retirement age has found a successor. Bishop George Yod Phimphisan (ยอร์ช ยอด พิมพิสาร) was bishop of Udon Thani since 1975. Now aged 76 and therefore before the normal retirement age of 75 according to Canon 401 § 1, he now was the oldest bishop in Thailand and the only one beyond retirement age. The next oldest one is Archbishop Louis Chamniern Santisukniram of Thare and Nonseng at age 67, so this would be last such announcement for at least the next 8 years.

On November 14 2009, the Pope accepted the resignation and appointed Father Joseph Luechai Thatwisai (บาทหลวงดร.ลือชัย ธาตุวิสัย) as his successor. The bishop-elect was born in Phonsung, Udon Thani diocese and prior to his appointment was a member of the clergy in Udon Thani diocese. Sadly the website of the diocese of Udon Thani does not show the coat of arms of the bishop emeritus in any reasonable resolution, so I cannot show a vector drawing of that one this time.

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John said...

udon thani was a surprise for me ten years ago when i first arrived i never expected st marys and the following the church as in isssan its great that all religion is left to strive in Buddhist Thailand