Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Different types of Muban

While adding some of the administrative villages into my XML files from the websites of the Tambon administrative organizations (TAO), in some cases I noticed that the lists include some kind of village status or type. Sadly I don't know the details for any of these, but they all seem to be centered around development funding to improve the infrastructure.

Don Sai subdistrict (ตำบลดอนทราย), Khuan Khanun district, Phatthalung province on the data page adds either a (กม. - KM) or a (อพป. - OPB) behind the village name. Six of the villages are labeled KM, another 5 with OPB. I could find that OPB stands for อาสาพัฒนาและป้องกันตนเอง, which translates to village development committee. For KM i found คณะกรรมการ(กลาง)หมู่บ้าน - village (center) committee, not sure whether the กลาง belongs into it or not.

Completely different however are the categories I first found at Mae Phrik (ตำบลแม่พริก), Mae Suai district, Chiang Rai province, where the village list includes หมู่บ้านเร่งรัดพัฒนาอันดับ 2 and 3 (village accelerated development level 2 or 3). Also a level one is used, see the village list of Mae Khaeo (ตำบลแม่ข้าวต้ม), Mueang Chiang Rai district, this has Muban in all three levels.

The third level I already mentioned here earlier as one of the many acronyms used in the Thai administration - SML originally meaning "Small, Medium, Large". As an example, here is a Excel sheet with the 45 villages in Samoeng district, Chiang Mai province and their status in this scheme, either S, M or L.

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