Monday, November 2, 2009

Table with all TAO and their levels

When I wrote about the reduction of the TAO levels from five to three, maybe the main thing I did not find was a list of all the TAO with their respective level. Now by a Google search for something else I found a PDF with exactly this data at the website of the Ministry Of Interior.

This 191 page PDF has all the TAO as of October 4 2006, including the status (ขนาด), the year of creation, the area and the population (male, female and total). Sadly it seems there is only the PDF, and not a Excel file with the same data, which would be the much more natural way to share such a big table. So it took me quite some work to find a free PDF2Text converter to extract the text, and then make it into a spreadsheet myself. I don't know whether it was something going wrong during this conversion, but neither the area nor the population columns add up to the total values given in the PDF. And also for the three levels there are a few problems, because for 5 entries no level column is left blank, instead of 6272 small (เล็ก) TAO it only has 6271, and instead of 71 large (ใหญ่) only 67, only the 274 of middle (กลาง) level are all present. So one of the following five TAO must be a small one, while the other four must be large.

NameDistrictProvinceYearArea (km²)Population
Ban Naบ้านนาMueang ChumphonChumphon1996162.147551
Laem SaiแหลมทรายLang SuanChumphon199720.833268
Pak SongปากทรงPhathoChumphon1997270.384212
Ron Phibunร่อนพิบูลย์Ron PhibunNakhon Si Thammarat199696.0219070
Ban Khokบ้านโคกBan KhokUttaradit1995135.551927
Whereas Pak Song has already been upgraded to a municipality and therefore probably was a large one, the last entry is the most strange one. At first, in the table it is actually listed as "สภาตําบลบ้านโคก" (Branch Subdistrict Ban Khok), and secondly in my TAO table it only has three TAO in the Ban Khok district - since most area of the subdistrict Ban Khok belonged to the municipality Ban Khok the Tambon Council for the remaining area was abolished in 2004 and added to the municipality. So there simply is no such entity.

But even with these problems, that file is a good source of data, next thing to analyze is which level were the TAO upgraded since the creation of that document, does it have any large or middle TAO left at all?

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