Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Muban area with several exclaves

While looking for the list of administrative villages (Muban) on the website of the TAO Na Roek (องค์การบริหารส่วนตำบลนาเริก), Amphoe Phanat Nikhom, Chonburi province, I instead found the maps of the Muban. At first look nothing special, but once I checked the map of Mu 12 (Ban Ko Klang) a strange thing showed. This Muban consists of 5 areas not connected with each other, or if one considers the largest of these areas as the main one this Muban has four exclaves.

To better show the issue I have worked some time with Inkscape and created a vector map of the Muban in this subdistrict. Since I haven't found the Muban names in a table, I confirmed the names from the DOPA Excel sheet with those names on the map.
1บ้านดอนไร่Ban Don Rai
2บ้านเนินสำโรงBan Noen Samrong
3บ้านหนองกะพงBan Nong Kaphong
4บ้านเนินBan Noen
5บ้านหนองผักปอดBan Nong Phak Pot
6บ้านยางBan Yang
7บ้านเนินฆ่วงBan Noen Khwong1
8บ้านดอนกอดBan Don Kot
9บ้านเนินไทรBan Noen Sai
10บ้านเนินแร่Ban Noen Rae
11บ้านหนองปลาไหลBan Nong Pla Lai
12บ้านเกาะกลางBan Ko Klang
13บ้านหนองโมกข์Ban Nong Mok
14บ้านหนองโคลนBan Nong Khlon
15บ้านหนองแกBan Nong Kae
1 The DOPA table has Mu 7 named Ban Noen Kha (บ้านเนินค้า) instead.

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