Friday, September 5, 2008

Suggestions in the Royal Gazette

Almost all of the documents in the Royal Gazette are announcements of new laws, or when limited to those announcements I am usually looking at the creations or changes of the administrative entities. But there are also some documents which contain a suggested change, which may or may not be actually done later. Yet the number of these suggestions I have found so far are much lower than the number of announcements on the actual changes - in fact I have just 5 on the creation of minor districts, another 5 on the creation of muban, and three on new provinces.

The first example dates back to 1985, where I could find one document titled กระทู้ถามที่ ๓๔๔ ของ นายนิยม วรปัญญา สมาชิกสภาผู้แทนราษฎร เรื่อง ขอให้ตั้งตำบลโคกเจริญเป็นกิ่งอำเภอโคกเจริญ (Suggestion #344 of Mr. Niyom Wonpanya, Member of Parliament, requesting to upgrade subdistrict Khok Charoen to a minor district), published in volume 102, issue 72 ง ฉบับพิเศษ on page 31 on June 6 1985 (Annoucement). This request was granted, as in the following year the minor district Khok Charoen in Lopburi was set up - by a announcement where they mixed up the district names, as mentioned in the earlier post on announcements with mistakes.

But of course not all such suggestions have been put into effect. One example where it wasn't is the minor district Nam Ron (กิ่งอำเภอน้ำร้อน), which was also suggested in 1985 (Volume 102, Issue 82 ง, Page 2954 of June 25 1985). The area even today is still part of the district Wichian Buri of Phetchabun province.

The latest of the suggested provinces suggests the creation of a province to be named Phra Narai (จังหวัดพระนารายณ์, Volume 121, Issue 19 ก /1, Page 12 published on September 3 2004) after the 17th century king Narai. This new province should then cover the southern part of Lopburi including the town Lopburi itself - since Lopburi was the second capital of Ayutthaya under king Narai the name choice is relatively obvious. The remainder of Lopburi is then to be renamed to Chai Badan province (ลจังหวัดชัยบาดาล).

And finally to list a very recent one, published on July 7 2008 was the suggestion of the creation of muban 21 in Wang Nak Aen subdistrict, Wang Thong district, Phitsanulok (Announcement).

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