Friday, April 4, 2008

Gazette announcements with mistakes

The announcements in the Royal Gazette are written by humans, and humans make mistakes. Even in such an important publication like the official announcements in the Royal Gazette where the text is probably crosschecked before publications sometimes a mistake slips through, and later a second announcement with the correction has to be made. In most cases I have found so far (and there are not many) it was just a spelling mistake in one of the entity names, but I have one example where something more went wrong: The creation of the minor district Khok Charoen in Lopburi province out of the district Khok Samrong in 1987. The announcement is titled "ประกาศกระทรวงมหาดไทย เรื่อง แบ่งเขตท้องที่อำเภอโคกสำโรง จังหวัดลพบุรี ตั้งเป็นกิ่งอำเภอโคกสำโรง" - Royal Order of splitting area from Khok Charoen district to become minor district Khok Samrong. And also in the text of the announcement the names of the parent district and the new minor district are exchanged. That announcement was published on March 3rd, the correction came on May 26th. It was titled "แก้คำผิด ประกาศกระทรวงมหาดไทย เรื่อง แบ่งเขตท้องที่อำเภอโคกสำโรง จังหวัดลพบุรี ตั้งเป็นกิ่งอำเภอโคกเจริญ" - correction of Royal Order of splitting area from Khok Samrong district to become minor district Khok Charoen.


Anonymous said...

Hi could you please help me to find a catholic church in Chiang Rai to attend mass for the weekend of 24th/25th May 2008.

Thanks for your help


Andy said...

The complete list of catholic churches within Chiang Rai province is found at the Diocese of Chiang Mai website. As you probably search for the one in the city itself, it is the Birth of Virgin Mary Church - that website includes the location on Google Maps.