Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thai standard 1099-2548

The Thai standard TIS 1099-2535 did only cover the provinces and assigned them two-digit geocodes. In 2005 a second version of the standard was issued, which also includes the districts (Amphoe) and subdistricts (Tambon), with the district having 4 digit and the subdistricts 6. Named "Province, amphur and tambon identification codes for data interchange", it is basically the same as the geocode list from the Department of Provincial Administration (DOPA), which I have blogged about earlier. Interestingly it contains a few of the municipalities (thesaban) as well, with its geocodes being the same as I have found them earlier. But only very few of the municipalities are actually listed, I haven't checked in detail yet, but it looks like its only those which already existed before the 1999 upgrade of all the sanitary districts to municipalities. It also does not contain the district Wiang Kao, but that's hardly surprising as that was created in 2006, while the standard was written in 2005.

The standard was announced in the Royal Gazette on June 29 2006 in volume 123, issue 62 ง, page 32. The PDF includes the full list, altogether 122 pages.

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