Monday, April 14, 2008

Number of administrative entities in the past

After I found the most up-to-date numbers of administrative entities at the Department of Provincial Administration (DOPA), comparing them with the numbers in the past can show some trends, like the stop of district creation in 1997. I don't have many such data points yet, the most useful to show a larger trend are from two antiquarian books I bought recently. Also, in many cases only the central administrative entities are mentioned, while the municipalities are left out. So in the table below I also just list the district (Amphoe, subdistrict (Tambon) and village (Muban) numbers - the development of the province number was topic of an earlier post already. The minor districts are not always given, they might be included in the number of districts or might have been omitted completely.

YearDistrictsMinor districtsSubdistrictsVillages

One trend is notable even from this relatively small sample - while the number of villages did rise continuously, the higher level numbers did not change since 1997. One reason may be the Asian financial crisis, or also the much stronger focus on local administrative entities like the TAO and municipalities, as you might have noticed from the many thesaban postings lately.

More data-points are of course welcome, especially older versions of the year-end DOPA statistics.

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