Monday, September 15, 2008

Samui municipal elections - results

The municipal elections on Samui are over, and the results according to are the following:
  • New mayor is  Ramnet Jaikwang (รามเนตร ใจกว้าง) with 16,016 votes or 63%.
  • Also his party, the Samui Kaona Party (สมุยก้าวหน้า), has made a landslide victory, as out of the 18 councilors of the new town council 17 are of this party. Only one candidate of the Phattana Samui Party (พัฒนาสมุย) made it into the council.
  • The voter turnout was at 75%.
On Samui Weather there's a report on the voting day including photos of the ballot station within Ban Plaim Laem school in the northeast of the island. Some photos of the counting can be seen on here and here.

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