Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Missing Royal Gazette announcements for municipalities

While working through the Royal Gazette announcements for the creations and upgrades of the municipal areas and the sanitary districts a few announcements seem to be missing in the online database. Especially when not looking at the changes which happened rather recently and are probably still in the pipeline for publication in the Gazette, I have apparently worked through almost all relevant announcements.

In fact there are just two sanitary district creations which are missing - Ang Sila (อ่างศิลา) in Chonburi and Wang Noi (วังน้อย) in Ayutthaya province. The creations of Chiang Mai, Thon Buri and Krung Thep I could not find in the gazette yet either, probably because these were created even before the other original municipalities in the 1930s.

Further some renaming are apparently also missing - Khlong Tan (คลองตาล) to Si Samrong (ศรีสำโรง) in Sukhothai province, Chiang Saen (เชียงแสน) to Wiang Chiang Saen (เวียงเชียงแสน) in Chiang Rai, Klang Wiang (กลางเวียง) to Wiang Sa (เวียงสา) and Lae (และ) to Thung Chang (ทุ่งช้าง) in Nan, Chumphon (จุมพล) to Phon Phisai (โพนพิสัย) in Nong Khai, Lum Sum (ลุ่มสุ่ม) to Wang Pho (วังโพธิ์) in Kanchanaburi, Wang Maprang Nuea (วังมะปรางเหนือ) to Wang Wiset (วังวิเศษ) in Trang, Sa Ku (สระคู) to Suwannaphum (สุวรรณภูมิ) in Roi Et. Some of these might be still in pipeline to be announced.

For the status changes, the upgrade of Tha Ruea Phra Thaen (ท่าเรือพระแท่น) from thesaban tambon to thesaban mueang is missing.

Finally there are two "ghost entries" - municipalities where I had found a geocode, but which are not listed in any other lists. These two are Pa Daeng (ป่าแดง, 5486) in Phrae, and Khukhan (ขุขันธ์, 3385) in Sisaket. Any help in reducing the above list is of course welcome.

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