Monday, September 22, 2008

Tambon creations in the 1990s (Part 2)

As promised, here are the results for the subdistrict creations in the 1990s.

There are a total of 318 announcements, which cover 494 newly created subdistricts. As it was easier for to sort by the date of publication - a few announcements have been published in the year following their date of being effective - this means for each of the years the following numbers:
  • 1996: 33 subdistricts in 20 announcements
  • 1995: 63 subdistricts in 32 announcements
  • 1994: 9 subdistricts in 6 announcements
  • 1993: 122 subdistricts in 95 announcements
  • 1992: 73 subdistricts in 49 announcements
  • 1991: 104 subdistricts in 69 announcements
  • 1990: 90 subdistricts in 46 announcements
The province in which most subdistricts were created is Nakhon Ratchasima with 34.The highest number of muban in a newly created subdistrict was 15 in Thoet Thai (เทอดไทย), Mae Chan district (but now in Mae Fa Luang district), Chiang Rai, followed by two subdistrict which had 13. The one with the lowest number was Ban Khuan Mut (ตำบลบ้านควนมุด), Chulabhorn district, Nakhon Si Thammarat with only 2. The most common number of muban in a new subdistrict was 8, which is also close to the mean value of 7.6, with a standard deviation is 0.7.

So, now I have to turn to the 532 announcements in the 1980s, not just a bigger number, but also more complicate because many more of the subdistricts have already change into new districts since then. By the way, for the I have 369 announcements for the 1970s, 137 for the 1960s, and just 47 in the 1950s. And in 1946/47 there were a few announcements with the simultaneous creation of hundreds of subdistricts, so I won't run out of work on this topic anytime soon.

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