Monday, July 19, 2010

Bueng Kan province - geocode and constituencies

While there's no news yet on the Bueng Kan province proposal, which is supposed to be discussed in cabinet next, there are a few smaller things to note while the proposal is in the waiting loop.

On the main Thai webforum I found a thread which was around the geocode, or actually more the postal code, for the new province, only strangely it was removed few hours after I discovered it and is now a 404. But anyway the author wondered which code will be assigned to the new province, and since he knew that the only number free in the number range of the North-Eastern provinces is the 38 he actually answered his own question directly. But then he wondered why it is this number which is free - something which I could find the explanation when I discovered about the regions in the 1950s, which were simply numbered from 1 to 9. While there are now 7 provinces in the original region 3, the region 4 has now 11 province, so the 39 has been used instead. Bueng Kan will be the 12th province of region 4, filling the last hole in the number range. Any further province in the northeast then probably should get the 29...

Since I just discovered how to calculate the number of constituencies for each province, it's interesting to check what effect the creation of the new province will have on the constituency numbers. It's not necessarily so easy that the six constituencies of Nong Khai province will simple be split between the two provinces, since it depends a lot on the residue population after the first round of constituencies are spread. Using the numbers as of December 31 2009, Nong Khai gets three constituencies in the first round, while Bueng Kan is the 31st of 34 provinces to get an additional seat in the second round. When calculating without Bueng Kan, then Nong Khai get 5 seats in first round and is the 20th of 34 to get an additional seat. So while it looks that the 6 constituencies were simply split, this is in fact more of a coincidence that it turns out to give this result.

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