Thursday, July 8, 2010

2010 census started

On July 1st the 2010 national wide population census has started, with data gathered until September 1st. With the start of the census, there were also a few English language news reports, which contain some interesting quotes.

The article "PM stressed importance of Population Census" by the News bureau of the government's Public relations department says
Speaking on Thursday at the event in support of the up-coming Population and Housing Census 2010, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of Population Census for the country development as the updated information will be used in planning and adopting policies for the country’s infrastructure.
The information collecting process is due to finish within four months, while the population survey is supposed to be analyzed and summarized within six months. The government calls for accuracy as the information will be used for at least the next 10 years.

The online news site Phuketwan in its article goes into much more detail on the expected effects of the census data for the island, especially the budget issues.
One of the biggest stumbling blocks to Phuket making progress has been the mean budget allocation from Bangkok. The budget is based on the needs of the 320,000 registered Thai citizens of Phuket - estimated to be about 50 percent of the actual Thai population.
Using realistic figures for statistics would also destroy the notion that Phuket is somehow more dangerous - the island is said to have larger HIV infection rates and a higher road toll - when the comparisons are based on a false number of residents.


Brian said...

I missed the article on the NNT website, so thanks for bringing this to my attention. I wonder how much information will be released to the public. Do you have any summary information from previous years?

Andy said...

As you already linked on your site, for the 2000 census quite a lot of documents are available at the NSO website. There were also Thai language PDF with more details on each province, not sure if they are still available on the website - if not I can email them to you, I should have them saved somewhere on disc. Of all the data available, I only used the population numbers at district level however - too bad they did not publish the data down to Tambon level on the web.