Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Constituency changes for national election

Even though it is still not clear when there will be the next election for the national parliament, the Election Commission has already adjusted the number of constituencies and parliament seats to the changes in population in the provinces. Comparing the lists published in Royal Gazette last week with the corresponding on from 2007, there are only four provinces where any changes were done.
  • Chiang Mai: 10 seats in 4 constituencies (2007: 11 in 4), population decreased by 25,750
  • Nonthaburi: 7 seats in 3 constituencies (2007: 6 in 2), population increase by 79,014
  • Yasothon: 3 seats in 1 constituency (2007: 4 in 2), population decrease by 12,082
  • Songkhla: 9 seats in 3 constituencies (2007: 8 in 3), population increase by 26,453
While at first look it is a bit suspicious that two provinces loose seats which are in the stronghold of the opposition Phuea Thai party, and a southern province as a stronghold of the Democrat party gains a seat, these changes are done according to a fixed algorithm following the population numbers, so there is not foul play here.

Since this announcement does not state yet which of the constituencies in these province will change its multiplicity as well as the boundary changes where the number of constituencies changed, there must be more announcements forthcoming before the next election can be held.


perhenrik said...

Just curious, do you know the nature of the algorithm used to compute the number of representatives?

Andy said...

You'll find the answer as a posting here next week.