Friday, May 7, 2010

Bueng Kan province approved by Ministry of Interior

Few weeks ago I posted that the proposal to create a new province Bueng Kan out of the eastern part of Nong Khai was submitted to the Ministry of Interior. Yesterday Khun Wisarut posted a translated news report in the 2bangkok forum, by which I noticed that this province proposal has made it another step closer to becoming reality. The proposal next has to be discussed by the cabinet, and after being approved the bill has to approved by the parliament. The interesting question is if this can all be done before the house is dissolved in September according to the road map proposed by Prime Minister Abhisit.

Yesterday's news report is based on this statement found on the parliament website, which additionally to listing the extend of the new province also lists a few other proposed new provinces which haven't made it. The three listed are Mae Sot, Phra Narai (Lopburi) and Fang.
Two other interesting side-news around this new province:
  • According to this tweet the province Bueng Kan is already in discussion for 37 years. The first date I knew about the proposal was 1994, when a petition on it was submitted to the Ministry of Interior.
  • According to this news article also translated in the above mentioned 2bangkok forum thread, UDD members already criticized the plan - because if it gets through now it will look like a success of the Bhum Jai Thai party (who holds the Ministry of Interior), therefore improving their chances in this area, normally a stronghold of the Phuea Thai party. Election campaigning starts already even though it is not yet clear the road map will actually be followed.

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