Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bangkok, here I come

The annual vacation trip to Thailand is coming close, so for the next three weeks it will mostly have postings already written and posted by automatic, though I will have some internet access and might even write something while staying there.

Luckily at least temporarily the troubles around the red shirt rally are over, but with all the uncertainty of the current situation I haven't made much travel plans yet, so it will be a very spontaneous traveling this time. Of the few things planned for sure is of course the book shopping - my prime target Chula Books wasn't affected by the arson attacks around Siam Square, so I hope I can get some of my book shopping list there. Another must-visit place is the old province hall of Nonthaburi which now houses a really good local museum - much better than the district museums of Bangkok, of which I also plan to visit a few more. On a more touristic side, the Monkey School in Surat Thani should get a revisit.

Since I will also stay several days in Bangkok, any of my readers who'd like to meet me for a coffee, beer or anything else chatting over more pleasant topics than just the current color-coded politics - simply drop me an email.


Siam.Rick said...

Wish I could be there, Andy, to meet for a coffee. Be nice to chat about your interests, such as your blog topic. But alas, I'm still stuck in Canada. Three more months before I retire and another few weeks after that before I hit LOS. But first I'm visiting Korea, if it's still there, in Sept.

Need I say, have a great trip?

[OTOPH] said...

Please keep us informed if you decide to pursue the Thailand Geograph idea.

Andy said...

I would love to pursue with the Thailand Geograph, I only think I have not enough technical knowledge to PHP and the other web hosting techniques necessary, and would have to abandon my other projects to learn more on them. But the weeks before I left for this trip I have done quite some photos for the German geograph, and it really was a lot of fun, so the idea you implanted me is still growing. Yet instead of doing the whole project, more fitting with my main project would be doing things like the county statistics, but for the Tambon, Amphoe and Changwat.

By the way, next week I'll be in Surat Thani.