Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rename of Muban in Phatthalung

Published today in the Royal Gazette is the change of the name of village 7 of Tha Khae subdistrict, Mueang district, Phatthalung province. The name change was decided in meeting 1/2553 by the board on name changes on January 22 2010. Too bad that no transcript of this meeting nor the second one just held on April 23 is available yet on the website.

According to the announcement, Village 7 was previously named "บ้านลำเบ็ด (บ้านไพ)". In my XML I had it only listed as Ban Phai (but cannot recall the source), whereas in the DOPA Excel sheet it is listed as Ban Lamphet. The website of the TAO Tha Khae also says Ban Lamphet, but adds that the administrative village includes the villages Ban Ton Prik (บ้านต้นปริง) and Ban Pa Mai Phai (บ้านป่าไม้ไผ่). The new name is Ban Khao Kho Kwian (บ้านเขาโคเกวียน), which translates as "Ox Cart Hill Village". The name change was effective as of January 22, i.e. the date of the decision in the name change board. The announcement was signed March 18 by the governor of Phatthalung.

Since the new name is a unique village name, Google still has almost nothing on the new name - the only hit is a document hosted at the Thaksin University in Songkhla showing the original scanned announcement from the Phatthalung province administration.

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