Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Board on name changes of province, districts, etc.

I had referenced the committee on name changes of province, district, subdistrict and villages (คณะกรรมการพิจารณาเรื่องการขอเปลี่ยนแปลงชื่อจังหวัด อำเภอ และตำบล หมู่บ้าน) in several postings on Royal Gazette announcements already, but the only details I had about this committee so far were the rules on administrative entity name changes. But when I researched a bit around the recent subdistrict renamings Google returned me the proceedings of this board from 2007 to 2009. Though these files only contain the decisions and not the rationale for each change, these are nevertheless very helpful.

Working through the files, most of the changes were either already announced in the Royal Gazette, or for the municipalities and TAO were mentioned in the board meeting transcripts on the municipality upgrades. Interestingly most of these municipal name changes were approved by this board after they were decided in the municipal board. Below are the changes which did not become official yet, or which I haven't found in the municipal decisions of the board to consider draft laws.
  • Meeting 1/2009 on October 13 2009
    • TAO Ngim (อบต.งิม), Phayao province, renamed to Phu Kham (อบต.ภูคาม)
  • Meeting 2/2009 on October 21 2009
    • TAO Pa Ko Dam (ป่าก่อดำ), Chiang Rai province, renamed to Pa Ko Dam Phatthana (ป่าก่อดำพัฒนา)
    • TAO Mae Suai (แม่สรวย), Chiang Rai province, renamed to Wiang Suai (เวียงสรวย)
    • TAO Phayu (พยุห์), Sisaket province, renamed to Nong Saket (หนองสระเกษ)
    • TAO Ban Dung (บ้านดุง), Udon Thani province, renamed to Dung Nuea (ดุงเหนือ)
Not listed here are the name changes of temples (วัด), which are also processed by this committee. For a full listing of items in XML format, take a look at this file, which also includes the romanized names (except for the temples) and geocodes to make it more accessible.

I hope future (and also those before 2007) meetings will be published like that as well, or even better in the same way like the board meeting with the municipal decisions in longer transcripts, so the rationales for each renaming (and also the denied name changes) can be found as well.

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