Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday linkage

At One Tambon One Photo (OTOPh), Nai Wiang subdistrict of Mueang Phrae is featured, including a lot of information on the former residences of the local princes of Mueang Phrae.

Though not directly related with the topic of this blog, Mike Rose has just started another blog name The Temples of Thailand, featuring all of the Buddhist temples he visited, together with great photographs and driving directions. With more than 30,000 temples this blog can run even longer than the 7000 postings OTOPh can do. My own visit reports can be found in my travel blog.

An Excel sheet found at the Election Commission (ECT) lists all the local government entities which had ended their terms in last year and therefore had to hold elections, or were prone for a status change. The various sheets list the numbers by region, province, month, and a complete list, a total of 3827 entities. Most of them held their election on September 6th. Too bad there don't seem to be the same available for 2010 yet - should be a relatively short list, as no TAO was created in 1998.

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