Thursday, February 11, 2010

Subdistrict and village rename in Nan and Nong Khai

On February 4, the announcement on two subdistrict and two administrative villages renamings were published in the Royal Gazette. All four name changes were decided in the meeting 3/2009 on November 10 by the committee on name changes of province, district, subdistrict and villages (คณะกรรมการพิจารณาเรื่องการขอเปลี่ยนแปลงชื่อจังหวัด อำเภอ และตำบล หมู่บ้าน).

Two subdistricts (Tambon) are renamed, one in Nan province and one in Nong Khai province.
  • Suak subdistrict (ตำบลสวก), Mueang Nan district, Nan province, renamed to Bu Suak (ตำบลบ่อสวก). [Gazette]
  • Song Hong subdistrict (ตำบลสองห้อง), Mueang Nong Khai district, Nong Khai province, renamed to Phon Sawang (ตำบลโพนสว่าง). [Gazette]
The question not answered by the announcement is whether the subdistrict administrative organizations (TAO) will also change their names accordingly. Maybe there will be a second announcement on these entities.

The two villages which receive a new name are both in Nan province.
  • Mu 3 of Sathan subdistrict, Na Noi district, was renamed from Ban Rong (บ้านร้อง) to Ban Mai (บ้านใหม่). [Gazette]
  • Mu 2 of Mae Sakhon subdistrict, Wiang Sa district, was renamed from Ban Tha Loe (บ้านท่าเลอ) to Ban Mongkhon (บ้านมงคล). [Gazette]
On this blog I found the rationale behind the name changes of these two villages, however my Thai is not good enough to fully understand it and present a translation here.


Brian said...

I think ตำบลโพนสว่าง should be spelt Phon Sawang and not Pho Sawang. The letter "น" equates to the letter "n" and is pronounced, not silent. Or is this some unusual spelling dictated by a Thai bureaucrat?

Andy said...

It was my mistake, I simply overlooked that character. There was only one publication so far on the recommended English spellings of subdistricts, but for new names no recommended English spelling is given.