Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Province license plate graphic for Prachinburi

Published on January 27 was a new license plate graphic for the province Prachinburi, only available for passenger cars with less than 7 seats and a license codes obtained in the official auction.

While I know that rafting is a popular tourist attraction in Prachinburi province - especially at Kaeng Hin Phoeng - I don't get why the artificial climbing wall is special enough for the province to be featured on the license plate graphic. At least to my personal taste this graphic is clearly one of least appealing province graphic I have seen so far.

A bit strange is the fact that this announcement actually shows almost the same graphic which was already announced four years ago. The only changes are much stronger colors this time, and a few of the shirts and life vests having changed color. Even there were (and are) no politically problematic red or yellow shorts among them...

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