Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another four Muban renamed

Another four villages were renamed by three announcements in the Royal Gazette on February 11.
  • Ban Kameng (บ้านกาเม็ง), Mu 1 of A-song subdistrict, Raman district, Yala province is renamed to Ban Kuemeng (บ้านกือเม็ง) [Gazette]. Interestingly, in the DOPA excel sheet this Muban is spelled Ban Kamaeng (บ้านกาแม็ง) instead.
  • Ban Tha Kok Than (บ้านท่ากกทัน), Mu 1 of Khemarat subdistrict, Khemarat district, Ubon Ratchathani province is renamed to Ban Nuea (บ้านเหนือ) [Gazette].
  • Ban Dong Chaphlu (บ้านดงชะพลู), Mu 5 of Bang Mafo subdistrict, Krok Phra district, Nakhon Sawan and Ban Noen Wiang (บ้านเนินเวียง), Mu 6 exchange their names [Gazette]. The website of the TAO already had the villages with their new names some month ago when I looked though it first, and since it contradicted with the Gazette announcement on the creation of Mu 6 I wondered at that time how comes the TAO has a mistake in their village list. Maybe the same happened in an earlier case where I noticed two villages having changed their names (or numbers).

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