Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bueng Kan province approved by Cabinet

Today, the Thai cabinet approved the proposal to create the new province Bueng Kan (จังหวัดบึงกาฬ), the next step in the creation of the law necessary to make it reality. In May, it was already approved by the Ministry of Interior, so this next step was only a matter of time.

I hope I can find a more detailed transcript of the cabinet meeting, same as it had when the 878th district was created last year, as that will probably give some more background information on the decision process. As of now, both Bangkok Post and The Nation only have a short breaking news article online, and it's not easy to find an elaborate Thai article with my limited knowledge of Thai. At the Public relations Department only the Thai language article is up yet, but it doesn't give information much new anyway.

Anyone worrying a new province in the red heartland might be a disadvantage to the current government - as I calculated already there won't be any change for the parliament seats, and there might also be a lot of citizen who are happy with getting the province they asked for for decades they might be voting a pro-government party to show their gratitude. But one never knows what will happen in the muddy Thai politics...

For all the postings on the new province, they are now collected under the label Bueng Kan. Since it's the first province creation I am witnessing, there'll probably be lots of postings about it. So tonight I will start the Wikipedia article on this province, unless someone else is faster of course and I can only enhance it with more sound content. At the time of writing this posting, the Thai Wikipedia article isn't updated yet.

And now L.A. has to be renamed, it is no longer Changwat 77 (จังหวัดที่ 77) - though technically this new province is actually Changwat 76 as Bangkok is no province but a special administrative area at the same administrative level as the province.


Anonymous said...

Now that Bueng Kan is a province what will they use for a seal?

Andy said...

Just wait till Monday, then I will post about exactly that topic.