Tuesday, August 31, 2010

District council election results

District Councils, Round 2
The local elections in Bangkok last Sunday confirmed the results of the first round in 14 districts some weeks ago, the fact that Bangkok is now a stronghold for the Democratic Party - though the low turnout of 41.15% limits any conclusions on the potential result of the parliament elections. To me a positive sign is the fact that the New Politics Party aligned with the nationalist PAD failed to gain any seat, neither in any of the district councils nor the city council.

In the map I have visualized the results of the district council elections as found at siamintelligence, where most of the districts now have all the councilors from the Democratic Party. Five districts (marked in red) - Huai Khwang, Nong Chok, Nong Khaem, Phasi Charoen and Thonburi - have their council completely filled with Phuea Thai candidates, in Thung Khru (marked in grey) the council will consist of 6 Democrats and 1 Phuea Thai member. A special case is Phra Nakhon, where the whole council is filled by independent candidates. For the results of the first round in the 14 districts left yellow in the map see my previous posting.

City Council
For the city council, 45 seats will be filled by Democrats, 15 by Phuea Thai and one independent. Plotting the party results by district for these elections, the map does not look much different than the one for the district councils, only that it was an independent candidate who won in Lak Si district,
Strangely, my map does not fully fit with the one I found at Bangkok Post, not sure whether it was my source or the one of Bangkok Post which had mistakes or had later corrected preliminary results. I have Phasi Charoen go to the Democrats, while Bangkok Post has drawn it to be Phuea Thai; also Bang Khaen according to my source has one constituency won by Democrats and one by Phuea Thai, not completely Phuea Thai as in BP.

While there are a few complaints filed, but even if accepted these won't change the overall result much. Sadly I have no equally detailed results for the elections 4 years ago, the Wikipedia article only covers the first round of the district council in full depth. For an independent analysis of the results, BangkokPundit has just posted a very detailed one.

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