Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bangkok district election results

On June 6 the first round of the district council elections were held in the northeastern districts of Bangkok. According to the article in the Nation, the results were a success to the Democrat-led government. However it is far from an indication of the results of a general elections, not only the low voter turnout of just 35%, but also the fact that not parties but candidates are elected and therefore their personal power-bases make it hard to extrapolate the real political preferences. The article also gives a little background on the district councils, as well as states the date for the elections in the remaining 36 district as being set for August 29.

One advantage of being rather late with presenting these results is that I discovered now the results form every district is also published in the Royal Gazette - however only the names and votes of all candidates, their party affiliation, the total number of eligible voters and of votes cast are not in these PDFs.
DistrictPopulationCouncillorsCandidatesWinning PartyGazette
Bang Kapi150,166824Democratsพิเศษ 77 ง Page 39-40
Lat Phrao122,371716Democratsพิเศษ 77 ง Page 41-42
Bueng Kum147,712718Democratsพิเศษ 77 ง Page 43-44
Wang Thong Lang115,713714Democratsพิเศษ 77 ง Page 45-46
Saphan Sung88,013715Democratsพิเศษ 77 ง Page 47-48
Khan Na Yao85,912714Phuea Thaiพิเศษ 77 ง Page 49-50
Bang Khen185,901816Democratsพิเศษ 77 ง Page 51-52
Chatuchak164,210819Democratsพิเศษ 77 ง Page 53-54
Lak Si114,180729Democratsพิเศษ 77 ง Page 55-56
Don Mueang165,433830Phuea Thaiพิเศษ 77 ง Page 57-58
Sai Mai178,637816Democratsพิเศษ 77 ง Page 59-60
Min Buri133,149714Mixedพิเศษ 77 ง Page 61-62
Khlong Sam Wa154,766816Democratsพิเศษ 77 ง Page 63-64
Lat Krabang152,528838Phuea Thaiพิเศษ 77 ง Page 65-67


john francis lee said...

' "The government has the advantage because it has presented one-sided news about the crackdown on the red shirts. Pheu Thai has been given no opportunity to explain itself," Vicharn claimed. '

As well, the rule of law was and still is suspended in Bangkok. Bangkok and 23 other provinces are being administered under Thaksin's Emergency Decree which gives the government absolute authority while making it unaccountable for its actions. It prohibits gatherings of more than 5 people, for instance, hardly conducive to politics.

Treelove said...

John Francis : your comment has a lot of truth in it, but is really too 'one sided' to be considered fair and objective.