Monday, June 21, 2010

Trip in review

Back in cold Germany, here's a short overview of the things I did in Thailand related to the topic of this blog, so you can get an idea of what new postings may be written about.
  • I have visited another five of the BMA local museums - Suan Luang, Yannawa, Bang Rak, Bang Sue and Dusit. The indiviual reports will be posted on my travel blog however.
  • For have seen the first of the graphic license plates in Bangkok, a total of eight times. I wonder if I the previous years it was bad luck I never noticed any, or these new license plates actually just started to be issued recently.
  • I could take photos of several administrative entity offices, including those in Ranong and Nakhon Pathom town. Also in Ranong I visited the graveyard of the first governor, and since I long planned to write up a Wikipedia article on him, maybe I'll start with a posting on him here first.
News topics which accumulated during my time of limited internet access include the first round of the district council elections in Bangkok, a province governor reshuffle which finalized the changes done after the red shirt riots in four provinces, and a few municipal decisions in the board meeting transcripts. However only one announcement in the Royal Gazette, another petition to split Lopburi province into two provinces, a topic I planned to wrote about for quite some time already anyway.

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