Friday, June 4, 2010

Thesaban rename not in Royal Gazette

While looking through the older board meeting transcripts from 2007, I cam across the one of meeting 2 of board 1 from January 17 2007. The only change to the municipalities within that document is a draft announcement for the rename of the subdistrict municipality Lae(เทศบาลตำบลและ), Thung Chang district, Nan Province to Thung Chang (เทศบาลตำบลทุ่งช้าง).

Not the act in itself is surprising, nor the fact that it wasn't published in the Royal Gazette yet, like many municipal changes which haven't been published there so far. But Google found several hits for the title of this announcement "ประกาศกระทรวงมหาดไทย เรื่อง เปลี่ยนชื่อเทศบาลตำบลและ อำเภอทุ่งช้าง จังหวัดน่าน เป็นเทศบาลตำบลทุ่งช้าง", almost all of them in the news section of TAO websites. These all have imported the news from the Department of Local Administration (DOLA) - I don't understand why DOLA does not offer a RSS feed of these to allow everyone to read them easily, but only created a way to have them embedded into other websites. Anyway, there it had exactly this announcement as a PDF, looking almost identical to a Royal gazette announcement for a municipality rename, like the most recent one. I really wonder why this ministerial order wasn't published in the Gazette, other orders from the same ministry in early 2007 are found in the Gazette database. Or is it somehow missing in the database only, not showing up in the search?

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