Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mae Sot municipal borders

When the municipaliy Mae Sot was upgraded earlier this year, the boundaries were changed a bit as well, if comparing the maps in the 2010 announcement with the in the previous upgraded from 2001.

But this wasn't the final word on the municipal boundaries, on August 18 another change of the boundaries was announced. While this announcement only gives the law text and as an appendix the description of the boundary and a map, a very lengthy text with all the background on this is in the meeting transcript of meeting 23/2010 of board 1 in April this year. Way to long for me to get it all, and with Google translate it sounds like some adjustments had to be done due to a court decision. This pending change of boundaries is probably also the reason why the constituencies for the municipal election were still not yet defined, even though the municipal upgrade was done with the end of term of the previous council and mayor. The election had been pushed back by 45 days several times since then, and the old council continue to be in office as the acting council.

I have tried to put all three boundaries into a Google map of Mae Sot, though at the time of writing I haven't yet finished it. But since this map is embedded, it will automatically be updated. I have also included the main administrative offices as far as I know them, too bad I could not yet localize the city pillar. If the map is a bit too full, try to click the larger map link, then you can switch off and on the various parts.

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And very soon the municipality Mae Sot will be completely abolished and its area included into the new special administrative area of Mae Sot, the corresponding bill was already approved by the cabinet. Once made a law, I have to update the map above once again.

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