Friday, August 20, 2010

Artistic map of Thailand

I was actually searching for the font used on the highway traffic signs pointing towards the provinces or districts, in order to create my own such signs with Inkscape. But as usual, instead of finding that specific font, on a page which lists lots of commercial Thai fonts the illustration caught my attention.
Artwork by Fiodor Sumkin
This very artistic map shows the country with some major provinces or cities written on the - somewhat distorted - country outline. Though Laem Chabang in real shouldn't have been placed on the Isthmus of Kra since it is on the eastern shore of the Bay of Bangkok, I like this style of map a lot. It was created by the Belorussian graphical artist Fiodor Sumkin, and is part of a series of similar maps he did for the in-flight magazine of Aeroflot some years ago. That's probably also the reason for the one Phuket hotel so prominently advertised on the Andaman Sea.


Anonymous said...

Agree, it looks nice. I can't work out though which side of the border it puts Preah Vihear on. :P

He left out the last N in Udon Thani, right?

Thailand Package said...

Beautiful map! Also, I love the Nancy Chandler's maps, they are just great because first they look nice, and then they also point out all the good stuff.