Thursday, August 12, 2010

100th anniversary of Tak Bai district

The district Tak Bai in the southernmost province Narathiwat did just celebrate its 100th birthday. I only became aware of this event by an article in the official news published by the Public Relations Department on the last day of the ceremonies. Titled Narathiwat province district celebrates 100th anniversary, it only mentions the base of the celebrations with a single sentence
The 100th anniversary commemorates the district which played an important part in preventing the country being colonized by the British during king Rama the 5th’s rule.
On the video channel of The Nation, it also has a video on the celebrations.

But much more interesting than the celebrations is the actual history of the district and the events which led to the creation of the district in 1909. On March 10 1909 the Anglo-Siamese Treaty was signed, which finalized the boundary between Siam and the British colony Malaysia. The area of Tak Bai belonged to the Mueang Kelantan, but since the boundary was chosen to run along the Kolok river this part of Kelantan became part of Mueang Bang Nara, the old name of Narathiwat province. In August the territorial administration of the area was defined. Published on August 22 in the Royal Gazette was an announcement titled ประกาศกระทรวงมหาดไทย ประกาศตั้งอำเภอสะเดาและอำเภอตากใบ, which was signed on August 12. Sadly it does not state on which day it became effective, but since the celebrations ended on August 10 it must have been few days before the announcement was signed.

Those who can read Thai will notice, that together with Tak Bai also the district Sadao was established, as here part of Mueang Saiburi (Kedah) was added to Songkhla. But I am not aware of any celebration in there, but since it was announced at same date it should have its anniversary at the same time.

According to the data I have, the next district to celebrate its 100th anniversary is Rueso, also in Narathiwat, which was created as a minor district on September 24 1913 [Gazette]. If however only the full district status counts, then the next are already next month - Wiang Sa and Rong Kwang were upgraded from minor districts to full districts on September 12 1909 [Gazette].

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Abdul Kareem said...

Dear Andy,

Thanks again for your excellent work.

noticed that this page also talks about the event:

It also assumes that the 12th august date is effective date of the creation of the district.

With the substantial body of evidence that you have now amassed on how areas of Southern Thailand have transferred from one administrative entity to another, perhaps an animation of the border changes across time (from perhaps the 1780s?)in the northern Malay Peninsula can be made?