Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Phuket PAO president cleared of vote-buying allegations

Phuket Gazette reported yesterday that Paiboon Upatising (ไพบูลย์ อุปัติศฤงค์), president of the Phuket provincial administrative organization (PAO) has been cleared of the vote-buying allegations which led to a yellow card issued by the Election Committee (EC) in March.

The decision by the Region 8 appeals court took a bit longer than in the case of Surat Thani PAO president Thani Thaugsuban, who received the yellow card in February. In Surat Thani, a new PAO president was elected already, and Thani stumbled upwards to replace his brother as Member of Parliament in the by-election on August 30.

On the website of the Phuket PAO, one can still read the statement of Paiboon written in March. I guess a new one will be posted there soon. By the way, this website is about the best one from any of the administrative entities I have come across so far - not overloaded with stuff and completely bilingual. I only miss the list of the past PAO presidents in the history section, and a RSS feed to easily follow the news on that site.

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