Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Bangkok subdistricts officially gazettered

Published on Monday were the announcements to create the new subdistricts in Bangkok, one announcement per district. Each of the announcement includes the description of the boundaries, as well as a map showing them.
  • Wang Thonglang district creating the new subdistricts Saphan Song (แขวงสะพานสอง), Khlong Chao Khun Sing (แขวงคลองเจ้าคุณสิงห์) and Phlapphla (แขวงพลับพลา) - Gazette
  • Don Mueang district creating the new subdistrict Sanam Bin (แขวงสนามบิน) and Don Mueang (แขวงดอนเมือง) - Gazette
  • Bueng Kum district creating the subdistricts Nuamin (แขวงนวมินทร์) and Nuan Chan (แขวงนวลจันทร์) - Gazette
  • Bang Sue districts creating the subdistrict Wong Sawang (แขวงวงศ์สว่าง) - Gazette
  • Khan Na Yao district creating the subdistrict Ram Intra (แขวงรามอินทรา) - Gazette
Additionally, in Bang Khae district (บางแค) the boundaries of the subdistricts were adjusted. (Gazette) I may write up a bit more details on this one later.


Rikker said...

I hadn't heard about this until seeing your blog post. My house is in a new subdistrict now: แขวงนวลจันทร์. Cool.

Also, นวมินทร์ should be Nawamin, not Nuamin. This is an unambiguous pronunciation under Thai reading rules. นว- can only be interpreted as [นะวะ], because ม already has a vowel, so it is not "available" to serve as the final consonant in a syllable นวม, and thus interpreting -ว- as the vowel /ua/ is not possible.

Andy said...

Thanks for the correction, I did the romanization manually, not checking for the spelling used by Thai Wikipedian Potapt, who added the new subdistricts to the English Wikipedia - he spelled it correctly as Nawamin.

Seems like after the second batch of new subdistricts in next year is done, a new edition of the "Recommended romanization" book should be done, to also include corrections of the mistakes in the first edition.