Monday, September 7, 2009

New subdistricts in Bangkok

Only through monitoring the edits on Wikipedia I became aware of the fact that in Bangkok the city administration created new subdistricts (Khwaeng, แขวง). Five subdistricts, each the sole subdistrict in the corresponding district, were split, effective August 3, raising the number of subdistricts from 160 to 169.
  • Wang Thonglang (แขวงวังทองหลาง), Wang Thonglang district split off the new subdistricts Saphan Song (แขวงสะพานสอง), Khlong Chao Khun Sing (แขวงคลองเจ้าคุณสิงห์) and Phlapphla (แขวงพลับพลา)
  • Don Mueang (แขวงดอนเมือง), Don Mueang district, split off the new subdistrict Sanam Bin (แขวงสนามบิน)
  • Bueng Kum (แขวงบึงกุ่ม), Bueng Kum district split off the subdistricts Nuamin (แขวงนวมินทร์) and Nuan Chan (แขวงนวลจันทร์)
  • Bang Sue (แขวงบางซื่อ), Bang Sue districts split off the subdistrict Wong Sawang (แขวงวงศ์สว่าง)
  • Khan Na Yao (แขวงคันนายาว), Khan Na Yao district split off the subdistrict Ram Intra (แขวงรามอินทรา)

I tried to find some more background on these new subdistricts, but wasn't able to find much. Prachachat gives the approximate boundaries of the new subdistricts, whereas from a Thai blog posting I could extract the date of being effective to be August 3. And finally, the report in Naewna suggest that till next year all of the districts with a single subdistrict will have new subdistricts., which means the seven districts Phra Khanong, Phaya Thai, Din Daeng, Suan Luang, Saphan Sung, Bang Na, Bang Bon.

The population of Bangkok's subdistricts varies greatly, the lowest is 2392 (Chana Songkhram, Phra Nakhon), and the median value is about 35000. Yet 10 out of the 160 subdistricts have even more than 100,000 citizen.
164570Si KanDon Mueang
147466Khlong KumBueng Kum
145671Bang SueBang Sue
139322Din DaengDin Daeng
116067Suan LuangSuan Luang
115685Wang ThonglangWang Thonglang
102963Bang BonThawi Watthana
102122Samae DamBang Khun Thian
100474Bang NaBang Na
100377AnusaoriBang Khen
In italics are those subdistricts already split now.

Now I wait for the announcement in the Royal Gazette, the last ones were announced in December 2003, just three days after the creation became effective. And also for the geocodes for those cases where it has more than one new subdistrict in one district, so far the CCAATT list from DOPA has not been updated.

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