Monday, August 11, 2008

Latest subdistricts of Bangkok

I mentioned earlier that the last subdistrict (tambon) created was in 1997. But to clarify it a bit, in fact there have been new subdistricts created after 1997, but these were not Tambon, but Khwaeng (แขวง), which are a different administrative entity unique to the city of Bangkok.

While both Khwaeng and Tambon are the third level territorial subdivision, the difference between the two is at first that Tambon are subordinate of the Ministry of the Interior, while the Khwaeng are under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA). I still have to find the details on how the Khwaeng are actually administrated, the Wikipedia article on this is still very incomplete and needs expansion.

Anyway, there have been two announcements on the creation of new subdistricts after 1997, both issued on December 1 2003.


brian said...


Looking for a list of districts in Thailand for my school project. Can you help? Thanks!!! :-)


Andy said...

You can find the full list on Wikipedia, or if you also need some more statistical data you can download the speadsheet and look on page named "Amphoe". There's also a list on, but that is lacking one district.