Thursday, August 21, 2008

Budgets of the local governments

A random find by Google - an Excel sheet with the budgets of all the local government entities (municipalities, PAO and TAO) for the fiscal year 2551 (2008). The file comes from the website of the town Tha Kham in Surat Thani, though it actually must be from the Ministry of Interior, it's just that Google first found it on that site.

The budgets of the local government entities consists of a portion of the VAT collected in the respective area, the exact portion depends on the type of the entity - a city gets a higher portion, but also have more tasks to perform with that money.

Some quick look statistics - the region with the highest budget is the Northeast (Isan) with 3110 million Baht, followed by the central (without Bangkok) 2770 million, the North with 1900 million, and the south with 1580 million. But of course the regions have quite different sizes, so this is not the best way to compare them. Within each of the regions, the entities with the highest budgets are not that much suprising:
  • Central part: Pattaya (98 million Baht) followed by the city Nonthaburi (47 m) and Pak Kret (26 m)
  • Northern part: Chiang Mai city (30 m), Chiang Mai PAO (24 m) and Nakhon Sawan city (21 m)
  • South: Hat Yai city (49 m), Yala city (42 m) and Trang city (33 m). A bit surprising that Phuket and Samui aren't in the top three.
  • Northeast: Nakhon Ratchasima city (33 m), Udon Thani city (29 m) and Nakhon Ratchasima PAO (27 m)

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