Thursday, August 14, 2008

Village creations announcement before gazetting

Earlier I mentioned that on the website I could find the decision on the creation of a new minor district, in the hope to find out about new such decision more timely than before.

Now I just for fun tried to search for pages containing the two words "ตั้งเป็น" (create to be) limited to that website, and directly the first hit Google returned was one with the creation of 7 villages (muban) in Uthai Thani. This text was dated January 19 2007. These new villages were then announced in the Royal Gazette on May 21, which was approved for publication on January 15, and also went in effect on that date.

However it seems this was the only one of this kind, as there were about of 200 announcement of new villages in 2007, but this was the only one which made it into a news announcement on the website. But too bad there seems to be no RSS feed for the news on that website, that one then could be filtered to find the interesting postings easily.

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