Friday, August 29, 2008

Taling Chan district office

Taling Chan district offceBangkok's Taling Chan district (เขตตลิ่งชัน) is directly adjoining Bangkok Noi district to the west. Like all district offices in Bangkok, it looks much more like a western office building, not the typical district offices found in the provinces.

The district office is located at the rim of Khlong Chak Phra (คลองชักพระ), and 8 kilometer long canal which connects Khlong Bangkok Noi and Khlong Bangkok Yai. The canal name translates to "pulling Buddha". It got this name from the traditional boat procession which takes place on the second day of the waning moon in the 12th lunar month, when a Buddha relic is drawn from Wat Nang Chi to Wat Kai Tia (วัดไก่เตี้ย) in Taling Chan district, passing this canal.

Rafts of the Taling Chan floating marketThe location next to the canal inspired Mr. Prachum Charoenlap, the district officer of Taling Chan in 1997, to create a market for agricultural products, which was augmented with five rafts in the canal serving as restaurants in 1999. Today there are 11 rafts. One simply sits on the floor, and buys food from the boats or the fixed selling places on the raft itself.

Taling Chan marketThough the place is advertised as a "Floating Market", unlike the much more famous on in Damnoen Saduak here only the eating places are floating, while the actual market where one can mostly buy flowers or food is under a roof at the street in front of the district office. And unlike Damnoen Saduak in this place one mostly finds Thai people and only rarely a foreigner, so its much closer to the traditional way of markets and not designed for tourists only.

In the open space between the street and the railway line - the western railway from Bangkok Noi railway station towards Kanchanaburi - a small park was built, with a Lotus pond, bridge, colorful bushes.

A longer review with more photos of the market and the restaurants was posted by Richard Barrow. The market is only open in the weekends.

The street address of the district office is
324 ถนนชักพระ324 Thanon Chak Phra
แขวงคลองชักพระKwaeng Khlong Chak Phra
เขตตลิ่งชันKhet Taling Chan
กรุงเทพมหานคร 10170Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10170

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