Monday, September 28, 2009

Most common Muban names

Doing some programming again, I did add a parser for the Excel sheets with the administrative villages I once found at the DOPA website. I mostly did it to be able to automatically compare the names in these sheets with those Muban lists I collect from the various TAO websites, in order to find mistakes in my XML files. But since I only have about 20,000 Muban in the XML out of the nearly 75,000 it has altogether, I now use the output of that parser to be the input for some nifty statistics on the Muban. However these sheets only include 71,939 Muban since those in city or town municipalities are omitted, so only those having village headmen are listed. And also to avoid the misunderstanding, these are the administrative villages, not the actual settlements.

The first result of this I am presenting now, the list of Muban names which are most common. It has 14 names occurring more than 100 times.
บ้านหนองบัวBan Nong Bua246
บ้านใหม่Ban Mai184
บ้านกลางBan Klang165
บ้านหนองแวงBan Nong Waeng155
บ้านไร่Ban Rai134
บ้านโนนสะอาดBan Non Sa-at129
บ้านโนนสมบูรณ์Ban Non Sombun127
บ้านโนนสวรรค์Ban Non Sawan123
บ้านหนองไผ่Ban Nong Phai123
บ้านโคกกลางBan Khok Klang111
บ้านโคกสะอาดBan Khok Sa-at111
บ้านหนองหว้าBan Nong Wa110
บ้านโนนสว่างBan Non Sawang110
So, the Lotus Pond wins over the new village and the central village. And if anyone still remembers the statistics I once did on the subdistrict names, Nong Bua is also the most common name in that administrative level.

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