Monday, May 19, 2008

Most common subdistrict names

While for the provinces and the districts the names are unique (except the 5 districts named Chaloem Phra Kiat), there are many subdistricts with the same name, sometimes even within one province there may be more than one subdistrict with the same name. Thus, out of the total of 7430 subdistricts (both tambon and khwaeng) 2398 have a non-unique name, 800 names are used more than once. The most common name is Nong Bua (หนองบัว), literally Lotus swamp, found 28 times. The second place goes to Nai Mueang (ในเมือง), meaning town center, found 22 times. Below is the list of all subdistricts found at least than 10 times.

Nong Buaหนองบัว28
Nai Mueangในเมือง22
Nong Waengหนองแวง18
Ban Maiบ้านใหม16
Tha Khamท่าข้าม14
Ban Naบ้านนา13
Nong Phaiหนองไผ่11
Pak Namปากน้ำ10
Tha Changท่าช้าง10
Phon Thongโพนทอง10
Na Diนาดี10
Ban Klangบ้านกลาง10

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