Thursday, May 29, 2008

Satire - 10 new provinces

It's already a bit old, but still a very funny read - Thailand: To Get 10 New Provinces? in Stephen Cleary's column at the Nation written shortly after the plans for the Hua Hin province were made public. Instead of just adding a single new province, he suggested to boldly go faster towards reaching 100 provinces by adding 10 new provinces at once. And each of the new province will dedicated one of the problems in Thailand - one will be exclusively for the tourists, there will be one where each car driver has to follow the driving rules, one with strict protection for endangered animals, and of course one for the cronies of former prime minister Thaksin as a tax-free haven.

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steve said...

Hi: Just found this blog while Googling my name, glad you liked it. My friends still say that's their favourite satire blog done by me. Actually, i wrote that blog after Thaksin's idea to make Suvarnaphumi a new province, not Hua Hin. Cheers.