Tuesday, May 6, 2008

PAO election results for Surat Thani

PAO Election poster, list 3 of constituency 5, Mueang districtOn the website of the Provincial Administration Organization (PAO) of Surat Thani it now has the results of the elections held on April 20, both for the PAO members as well as for the chairman. However as they put scans of printouts into the PDF, they are quite large, and due to the slow connection it took me some hours and many retries of a download tool until I could finally get the files, despite having a broad width speed net connection here. It would have been smarter to put the PDF created from the spreadsheet directly, then they would be just few kilobytes instead of several megabytes. And it would make it possible to copy-and-paste, or for the google bot to index it. Or just directly the XLS files. Sadly neither of the documents includes the extend of the constituencies as mentioned earlier, just the complete list of them. I have also checked some other PDFs from the PAO website without luck. At least in another PDF it has the names of the candidates as text and not just as graphics, so I don't need the type the Thai letters manually.

Anyway, the results are as follows.

  • For the chairman election, the voter turnout was 53.57%, or 355,017 of 662,728 who did cast their vote. The winning candidate is Thani Thueaksuban (นายธานี เทือกสุบรรณ), who was candidate number 2 and the one endorsed by the Democratic Party. He got 194,543 votes or 59.3% of the valid votes. The candidate of list 1 made it second with 111,138 votes, and number 3 got 22,437 votes.

  • For the PAO council, 30 members were elected in the 30 constituencies. Out of these, 17 were won by the candidate from list 2, probably also the ones from the Democratic Party. So it seems the council will have a majority of Democratic Party members - though I cannot be sure, as at least in one of the Mueang constituencies the Democratic Party candidate had the number 4 instead of the 2. Anyway, a Democratic Party dominance in the south of Thailand is nothing surprising.

The candidate on the poster above, Chathurong Sukmueang (นายจัตุรงค สุขเมือง), was the least successful of constituency 5 of Mueang district, receiving 1,576 of 8,744 votes.

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