Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Municipality with its own magazine

The amount of public relation work done by the various local government entities varies a great deal. While several especially in the poorer Northeast don't even have a website, I've now come across one municipality which even publishes a quarterly magazine, covering 36 pages.

Simply named สำโรงใต้ (Samrong Tai) same as the municipality in Phra Pradaeng district, Samut Prakan province, several past issues are available as (scanned) PDF files from the website of the municipality. As it is only scans, the PDF is of course a bit bigger (3 MB for the January 2009 issue), and especially for someone not being able to read Thai yet any copy-and-paste of the text into Google Translate or Thai2English is impossible.

The magazine is already in its 11th year of publishing, thus it was started shortly after the sanitary district Samrong Tai was upgraded to a subdistrict municipality in 1997 (Gazette).

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