Monday, July 14, 2008

PAO constituencies

PAO election poster of list 3 in constituency 2 of Mueang districtWhen I first mentioned the constituencies for the PAO elections in Surat Thani, I wrote that I could not find the list of the constituencies and the areas covered by each. I checked both the website of the province as well as the one of the PAO itself, but did not find anything - and I wonder why I haven't looked at the most obvious source for such things, the Royal Gazette.

When I earlier looked at the website of the Royal Gazette, I checked their list of new announcements in the vain hope that they might have something like a RSS feed for this. But instead I noticed that the entry at the bottom was on the constituencies for the elections of Ranong PAO (การแบ่งเขตเลือกตั้งสมาชิกสภาองค์การบริหารส่วนจังหวัดระนอง), and so I could easily find the same for Surat Thani dating from 2003. So I can now finally compile a XML with the complete data on the 2008 Surat Thani PAO election, including the results I found earlier. I'll announce it once I have it finished.

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