Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vision statement of the Department of Provincial Administration

The Department of provincial administration (DOPA, กรมการปกครอง) displays a nicely designed advert banner on their website. It shows Prince Damrong Rajanubhab, the first interior minister 1892-1915 and father of the administrative subdivisions still in use today. I am not sure which building is to the left, but I suspect it's a statue in front of the Ministry of the Interior, as the same one shows on the MOI website as well. During my last vacations I did not make it to Rattanakosin island, so I could not take photos of the MOI building like I originally planned. The text defines the vision of the department:
วิสัยทัศน์กรมการปกครองVision of the department of provincial administration
เป็นองค์กรสมรรถนะสูงbe an office with high abilities
มุ่งมั่นบูรณาการงานในพื้นที่concentrate on integrating of local works
และเป็นที่พึ่งของประชาชนand be supported of the citizens
เพื่อสังคมสงบสุขto be a happy society

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