Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tambon area clarification in Yang Talat, Kalasin

Published in the Royal Gazette yesterday - Volume 125, Issue พิเศษ 123 ง on Pages 24-27 - two subdistrict boundaries in Yang Talat district, Kalasin Province, were redefined.

The two subdistrict affected are Itue (ตำบลอิตื้อ) and Non Sung (ตำบลโนนสูง). The announcement does not say what has been changed, so the only thing I could get out of this announcement is the list of villages (muban) within the two subdistricts, each has twelve of them. At least this number must have changed relatively recently, as when I created the subdistrict list in the Wikipedia article my source listed only 11 for both. I can find the creation of village 12 (บ้านยางคำเหนือ, Ban Yang Kham Nuea) in Itue in the Royal Gazette - Volume 123, Issue พิเศษ 23 ง on Pages 46-48, effective November 11 2005. But for village 12 of Non Sung (บ้านสร้างมิ่งใต้, Ban Sang Ming Tai) I cannot find anything in the muban announcements till 2003, so as mentioned yesterday this might be created with this announcement. Another indicator for this is ThaiTambon, which lists only 11 muban and is usually quite up-to-date.

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